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13h – 16h & 20h – 23h

Some of our suppliers

Our rice is «Arroz Ciudad de Sueca, Rafael Máñez», ecologic.
Our EVOO is «Bardomus»
Our Idiazabal cheese is «D.O. Pastor Kata»
Our local cheese is «Los Corrales»
Our bread is from «Homo Panis»
Our Tomata de Penjar is from  «Tomata Herrera»
Our local wines are from «Bodega Flors»
Our vegetables are from «Berzas 5.0»
Our eggs come from «Granja Boverals»

We feel proud of them. They work local and sustainable

Bread Service – 1’50€/pax
EVOOs Bardomus – 2’00€

The vegetable garden

Natural tomatoe, tuna tartare, avocado, purple onion and citrus fruits – 14,80€

Warm salad with hanging tomatoes (tomate de colgar), roasted peppers with garlic and smoked sardines – 13’80€

Seasonal tomatoes and EVOO Bardomus – 12’00€

Lettuce and spring onion with EVOO Bardomus and vinegar – 8’50€

Our tapas

Knife-cut acorn-fed Iberian ham – 23’50€

Beef jerky – 18’00€

Raw milk cheese from latxa sheep’s milk, D.O. Idiazabal – 12’50

Bravas, José Mari’s recipe – 8’50€

Txistorra (pork sausage) in cider – 11’00€

Octopus, potato emulsion and paprika from La Vera – 21’50€

Sautéed baby squid with baby broad beans, garlic and confited nuts – 12’90€

Extra vergen olive oil confit of tuna belly with ajoblanco (chilled garlic and almond soup) – 13’90€

Tuna “pegs” sautéed with soya and ginger – 12’80€

Anchovies from Cantábrico sea – 12’90€

Piquillos red peppers stuffed with beef and boletus edulis mushroom in its sauce – 3’50€/unit

Croquettes (home-made) of iberian ham or boletus edulis. Grandma Miren recipe – 2’50€/unit

Eggs & mushrooms

Spanish omelette (3 eggs) with or without – 11’50€

Boletus edulis scrambled eggs – 12’50€

Boletus edulis and foie scrambled eggs – 14’50€

Senderuelas scrambled eggs – 13’50€

Amanita cesárea scrambled eggs – 13’00€

Boletus edulis, foie and egg yolk – 13’50€

Codfish omelette – 12’00€

Potatoes, green onion, free-range eggs and iberian ham served in a frying pan – 14’00€

Beyond tapas

T-bone steak of home-matured Galician rubia – 60€/Kg

Iberian pork cheek in its Tempranillo’s sauce – 16’50€

Beef and pork meatballs in sauce – 13’90€

Pikapote’s hamburguer. Beef, iberian ham, Idiazabal flake and Capicorb’s tomato) – 13’90€

Seasonal fish (on request only) – A.M.P.

Cod confited served with frited tomatoes de penjar, garlic and nuts – 18’50€

Croaker in a souce from Bilbao – 19’50€

Grilled zamburiña with a mery’s sauce (kind of green sauce) of AOVE Bardomus – 17’90€

Marmitako (traditional potato, pepper and tuna stew). On request only – 18’00€

Wood-fired roasted piquillo peppers and Bardomus Picual EVOO – 10’00€

RICE: Paella, creamy or fideuà

mínimum two people – one per table – in advance

Paella valenciana (chicken, rabbit, white beans, green bean and artichoke in season) – 15’50€

Farm chicken, vegetables and boletus edulis 15’90€

Iberian pork meat (secreto), foie, senderuelas (mushroom) and broccoli – 16’50€

Iberian pork meat (abanico), roget bean and amanita cesárea (mushroom) – 16’50€

Iberian pork cheek and vegetables – 16’00€

Duck confit and trompetas de la muerte (mushrooms) – 16’00€

Baked crusty rice -a traditional valencian recipe- (chicken, rabbit, white and black pudding and chickpea) – 15’90€

Seafood (big and little prawn, little squid and mussel (clòtxina)16’50€ 

Black rice – 16’00

Monkfish, squids, boletus and green garlic – 16’50€

Lobster and little prawn– 21’00€

Cuttlefish, mushroom (boletus edulis), iberian bacon and artichoke (in season) – 16’00€

Seasonal vegetables and tomata de penjar 14’50€

Mix (chicken and seafood) – 15’50€


Idiazabal cheese D.O., home made quince jelly and walnut – 12’90€

Natural junked with Capicorb honey – 5’50€

Cheese cake with Rioja’s wine reduction – 8’50€

Chocolate cake – 8’50€

Goxua (typical Basque dessert) – 8’50€

Lemon sorbet with cava – 5’50€

Lemon sorbet with vodka – 7’00€

Icecream -in summer-


Paseo Jaime Roda, 30, 12579 Alcossebre, Castellón, España

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